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Help us spread the word and raise awareness about the Whole Truth Campaign. Here are some resources and ideas to get you started.

Read and distribute the Fact Sheet
Use the fact sheet as a resource to write a letter or distribute it to educate others about the campaign.

The Money Trail
The Whole Truth about what Exxon really paid

Learn more about the case
Information depicting the events and court decisions that led to this pivotal point. Examine the legal arguments from both sides, and read the amicus briefs from our many supporters. 

Write a letter to the Editor
A letter to the editor is a powerful tool to spread the word in your community. Submit our example to a local paper or draft your own.

Write a letter to your representative
If you are concerned about an issue, express it. Urge your representative to protect our nation’s waters and hold Exxon and other polluters accountable. Personalize our example or draft your own.

Talking points
Use this tool to focus on the important topics at issue in this case. Spread the word and talk to family, friends, and members in your community.

Contact members of government
Email members of government and express your concerns.

Contact members of the media
The media can be a powerful tool. Contact members of the media and refer them to the website. More exposure means greater public awareness.

Hear our voices, hear our stories
Victims speak out about how their lives, community, and sense of place were forever changed by the
oil spill.

Image Gallery
For a snapshot of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, download the photo kit.
(All images are public domain, and available for you to download. Please use the following tag line next to all images used in print: "Photo courtesy of the Alaska Resources Library & Information Services [ARLIS] from the Alaska State Archives Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Slide Collection.")